Sports League Online Administration System
January 2018

League Administration System

Reduce the burden and the overwhelming effort managing the day to day functions of a Sports League and get some of your valuable time and order back. Most Sport Leagues are run by volunteers with full-time jobs and have their own systems (spread sheets / access databases) but very quickly the running of the League itself turns into a full-time job; keeping records up to date, managing fines, sending out information, keeping track of League Applications etc etc.

The most important piece of information that you need when running a League is the information from your registered clubs. Who is their secretary?, where do I send emails to?, where do I send fines to?, who is the manager of the Under 15 squad? and where is their home ground? And its not just the league who needs this information, other clubs need to know as well as potential new players and volunteers and as we all know this information changes frequently!

Keeping this information up to date requires a lot of work and can get quickly out of date. What better way of keeping this valuable information up to date than getting the club to do it for you!

The Sports League Admin System provides a secure club admin area where all this information can be added and updated without any assistance and once the required information is entered the League will quickly find out the potential for having all of this in one place and the many functions it can provide.

Its secure, backed up daily, fully supported and advice given 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All the features you need .... and more.

Charges / Fines
Charges and Fines
Create, send and manage charge and fines. Send out charges and fines by email with automatic reminders. Issue decisions made by the committee, penalties, final notices and receipts all by email.
Club / Team Directory
Club/Team Directory
Allow clubs to enter and update detail in their own secure online area at any time for public display on a Club Directory Webpage. Ensuring detail and contact detail is always up-to-date for the league, other clubs and public such as Chairman / Secretary / Treasurer / Welfare Officer contacts. Website, Facebook and Twitter links. Registered teams, manager/assistant manager contacts, team colours and google map showing location of home ground.
League Applications
League Applications
Allow clubs to submit league applications in their own secure online area. Enter their club and team detail as required by the league. Digitally sign any league agreements. Calculate their registration fee and submit their application to the league for the forthcoming season by email. Automatically send application, payment reminders and receipts by email.
Player Registrations
Player Registrations
Allow clubs to create player registrations with detail required by the league including the uploading and correct cropping of player images (Head and Shoulders). Automatic checking on age and age-range. Create and print off individual or batch player id cards ready for authorising by league registrars. (All player detail is encrypted).
Player Import
Player Import
Save hours manually inputting player detail into the FA Full-Time System (if used) by automatically importing the player registration information by their spreadsheet import method. (This is dependent on the team short codes being recorded on the League Admin System.)
Referee Respect
Referee Respect
Store information on League Referees and allow them to record information on match days about teams/parents/players etc for the FA Respect Campaign for monitoring.
League Website
Website Design
A fully mobile friendly, customised website for your league displaying information on your clubs/teams, ground locations, a search for a team function, news, documents, committee detail etc.

The cost of the core online administration system is a small annual fee, while additions are charged as a one off cost depending on size of the league. The fee includes daily backups and a secure area with support, updates, amendments and advice at any time.

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