Bespoke Administration Systems
December 2018

HelpWithIT can help ...

  • To re-organise your current systems.
  • To provide advice on solutions to assist you, not to hinder you.
  • To develop systems that reduces time and effort.
  • To develop systems that produce meaningful data with minimal effort.
  • To share the workload.

My name is James; with over 25 years of experience developing database information systems for both the public service and for private groups I can help to improve your administration and information systems.

My experience has shown that there are a lot of small businesses / organisations struggling with their information technology (I.T) and this could be down to a number of reasons.

  • Through no fault of their own, no development experience
  • Limited I.T experience
  • Difficulty in understanding what the software available, can do
  • Where to start
  • Time
  • Cost

This is where I can help. Let me know the problems your having, let me know what you would like to do.

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League Administration System

Run and manage your sports league from anywhere in one user-friendly, secure online area. Adapt it to how you want it to be run, update it when necessary and add further features when required.

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